The Cure for RA: Just Like Heaven, Try MGMT Instead

There are many effective ways to manage RA, but as far as a cure? I am afraid that with regard to RA, The Cure is still only a British band from the 80’s

There is no cure for RA and by cure I mean, medicine has yet to find one universal method that completely eliminates RA. True, some of will be lucky enough to go into long-term remission, but for most of us, RA will be something we manage daily for the rest of our lives.

As much as I have tried to will myself to be cured, I accept that just ain’t gonna happen….yet. Try as I might, the RA always finds an “in” to hamstring me. Many are the days when I have felt young and vibrant only to be taken out by a body-wide whopper of a flare.

I have begrudgingly come to accept that for me, rheumatoid arthritis is about management rather than a total elimination of the disease itself.  While some days the thought that I will be dealing with this for the rest of my life is depressing, the thought and possibility of management is usually hopeful.  Management is a lot like keeping a budget.  My healthy diet (including supplements) and lifestyle (exercise, relaxation, sleep) are what I deposit into the account while my emotions, hectic lifestyle, less than ideal food choices, and lack of sleep are the withdrawals.  As long as I am depositing more than I am withdrawing, then I can maintain a pretty good quality of life.  However, living within my means is difficult, so sometimes I will “float a check” and hope that I can make a large enough of a “deposit” to avoid a painful RA-type penalty.  Sometimes it works, sometimes….not so much.

It is unfortunate that the marketing terms “therapy,” “treatment,” “remedy,” “healing,” etc. are used interchangeably with “cure” rather than “management” when speaking of rheumatoid arthritis.  There is no cure, but if you look there are numerous products and programs on the web that are described as one or more of the terms synonymous with cure.  This is very misleading, not to mention damaging to effective unconventional treatments (see, there I go using that word).  The reality is, there are good, effective treatments that can help to manage RA, but none of them can cure it (except in rare cases, but the jury is still out on that).

Management is the closest thing we have to a cure and that is not such a bad thing.  Sure, it’s not the perfect cure that we would all like, but with the right management most of us can maintain a high quality of life.    When management is the goal rather than cure, a whole new world of hope and possibility open up and a fresh perspective alone can do wonders for one’s health. =)

I couldn’t talk about two bands and only include one of them…. so here is MGMT.  If you are over 30 and have never watched a(n) MGMT video, you should, they are a lot like the incoherent videos of the ’80s, just with better technology.  Hello.


By Me